About Me

My name is Melissa McCallum.  I have been a teacher for 12 years, and have taught grades 6-12.  For the last four years, I have been teaching English to students in grades 6-8.

My teaching style is somewhat informal.  I believe in establishing a strong rapport with students, and relating to them as people.  I'm never afraid to show that I too am a person, with strengths and weaknesses, faculties and flaws, and not just a teacher.

While my style might be described as informal, my approach to curriculum is professional.  I believe in delivering the meat and potatoes of teaching English, not just the fluff.  I spend lots of time teaching vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and writing skills.  That said, I also incorporate ample opportunity for my students to show their creativity and engage with each other in the classroom.

The Hunger Games Unit Plan reflects my approach to teaching.  The lesson plans are well-structured and organized.  There are several staples that provide the foundation for the unit - comprehension questions, vocabulary, discussion - and then there are many activities and assignments to build on that foundation and foster creativity and a love of literature.

I hope that you enjoy teaching The Hunger Games as much as I do.

Thank you


Melissa McCallum


The Hunger Games Unit Plan

Teaching The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins can be greatly rewarding.  It is an exciting new novel, and it hooks students quickly, no matter how reluctant they are to read.

Click the following link to learn more about The Hunger Games Unit Plan.