Things to Consider While Teaching The Hunger Games

There are many things to consider while teaching The Hunger Games. The popularity of this novel, especially with the recent release of the feature film, means that schools are quickly adding it to their libraries, but teachers should be certain to give careful consideration to the controversial aspects, and important social issues when teaching The Hunger Games.

There has been some controversy surrounding teacher The Hunger Games. It is a violent story, one in which young teens are required to slaughter each other in a countless gruesome ways. There are explosions, stabbings, spearings, and more. Katniss even kills one rival Tribute with an arrow through the eye. All of this violence compels some to ask whether or not we should even be teaching The Hunger Games.

Many teachers feel the violence in The Hunger Games isn't gratuitous, but merely part of a meaningful examination of dystopia and oppression. Throughout the story, Katniss regularly expresses her abhorrence of the violence, and many feel this provides importance balance when teaching The Hunger Games.

Another important thing to consider when teacher The Hunger Games is whether or not your students sufficiently comprehend the social and political issues that make The Hunger Games more than just an entertaining read. Teachers should consider whether they are giving enough time to issues like systematic state oppression and exploitation. Do students understand that the repressive practices of the Capitol aren't unfamiliar in the real world? Do they realize that people in power often maintain their positions by exploiting those they govern? Nobody should be teaching The Hunger Games without considering these questions.

While the above issues are important to consider while teacher The Hunger Games, teachers should also be sure not to go too far. The Hunger Games is a wildly entertaining novel, and the most important thing any English teacher can do is foster a love of reading. Teachers should consider the controversial elements and explore the important social issues in the novel, but they should also be sure to have fun while teacher The Hunger Games.

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