Hunger Games Unit Plan

The Hunger Games trilogy has become a literary juggernaut, and unstoppable force sweeping it's way through schools around the globe. Teachers are scrambling to get their hands on teaching resources for The Hunger Games, but what they really need is a comprehensive Hunger Games unit plan.

You might suggest that having a Hunger Games unit plan isn't essential, as students are so enthusiastic about the text, they need less prodding and encouragement to engage. But the opposite is in fact true. A strong, structured Hunger Games unit plan is essential to ensure your enthusiastic students direct their energy efficiently and appropriately. Without a well-organized Hunger Games unit plan, classes can easily get caught up in lengthy but directionless discussions, and can find themselves off on random tangents. A Hunger Games unit plan, with clear objectives and structured lessons, will ensure that your students stay focused on the social and political issues that make The Hunger Games more than just an entertaining read.

A Hunger Games unit plan will also help you make sure your class covers the curriculum. It's great that students are excited about reading The Hunger Games, but it's equally important that they learn the curriculum and practice the skills required by Common Core Standards. Sticking the curriculum is much easier with a thorough, comprehensive Hunger Games unit plan.

Finally, having a Hunger Games unit plan makes teaching easier. With a unit plan to follow, you can enjoy the literary ride along with your students, without worrying about the direction in which you are heading. With a Hunger Games unit plan, you will always know where they class is going, what is coming up, what has to be finished. Being organized, and having a plan, simply makes teaching more fun.

The Hunger Games is a great book, and it is wonderful that students are so excited about it, but this only makes it more important to have a plan. A Hunger Games unit plan will help direct your students' energy, focus their attention, ensure the curriculum is covered, and make teaching easier.

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