Hunger Games Lesson Plans

The meteoric success of The Hunger Games books has teachers scrambling to create their own Hunger Games lessons. Because the novel is so entertaining, and students are so excited about reading it, there can be a tendency for teachers to lose some the usual structure and focus, but it is important to stick to fundamental principles and best practices when creating Hunger Games lesson plans.

When developing Hunger Games lesson plans, teachers should start at the end. By having clear objectives and outcomes in mind, teachers can create Hunger Games lesson plans that teach specific skills. With such an entertaining novel it can be easy to get off track, or spend a bunch of time on activities that are fun, but don't actually teach much. But following the principles of objective-based planning, and starting all Hunger Games lesson plans with a clear objective or outcome in mind, teachers can ensure students progress through the curriculum and develop their communicative skills while enjoying the intense action of The Hunger Games.

Issues-based planning can be another key to effective Hunger Games lesson plans. The Hunger Games is full of important, heavy political and social issues. These issues can be a great place to begin when developing Hunger Games lesson plans. Teachers can first determine an issue they would like to explore, then determine a skills-based outcome for students to achieve, then shape the lesson around these two components.

Teachers will find that with an issue and an objective in mind, it is amazingly fast and easy to create effective and fun Hunger Games lesson plans.

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